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Not-So Wordless Wednesday: Easter Part 2

Easter is a fun and memorable holiday for all members of the family, however all that candy can leave you with a toothache!  We love this super festive, fun, colourful and healthy alternative to a giant chocolate bunny (although let’s be honest, those are fun too…in moderation).  You can switch up the fruit in this platter to whatever is available to you locally, and be creative with the colours!

Full Bunny Fruit Platter instructions at WorthPinning.com


Not-So Wordless Wednesday: Easter Part 1

We love to browse blogs and Pinterest for Easter (or really any!) craft ideas.  This year we’re looking to step our egg decorating game up to the next level, and thought we’d share this awesome list we found while browsing.  We’re definitely going to try out these colourful and inventive new ways to decorate!

via CoolMomPicks


Supplier Spotlight: Skip Hop

Today we’d like to take you deeper into the world of a Raspberry Kids all time best-selling brand, Skip Hop!  Big thanks to the team at Skip Hop for giving us a peak into their zoo!

RK: Take us back to the beginning, how did Skip Hop come to be? Pictures of your office and staff are welcome!

SH: In 2003, new parents Ellen and Michael Diamant were a lot like new parents everywhere: overjoyed with the birth of their son, and overwhelmed with so many choices, so little time, and so few solutions that satisfied. When they searched for a diaper bag that looked great and worked well, they found nothing. So they invented something. Almost a decade and hundreds of products later, Ellen and Michael are still inventing “everything-in-its-place” solutions that are smart, functional and great-looking for overjoyed, busy parents like themselves.

RK: Where does the name Skip Hop originate from?

SH: Skip Hop is an original name, brain stormed by owners, Ellen & Michael. Ellen describes the meaning as being global, fun and kid friendly. The name Skip Hop evokes movement and joy!

RK: Describe your company’s culture. Wild? Wacky? Details please. 

SH: Four words: work hard, play hard.

RK: If you had one piece of advice for parents when it comes to gear for themselves and their Raspberry Kids, what would it be?

SH: Do your research. Read the blogs, the reviews and talk to the other moms in your life. Whether she’s a friend, sister or trusted online resource, we call her the “mommy whisper”. That authentic source of wisdom that knows everything from the best swaddling technique to what to look for in a diaper bag.

RK: Of all the Skip Hop zoo characters, which one is your favourite?

SH: That’s like trying to pick your favorite child! Not possible! But if we must, Owl continues to be the top seller, its photographed the most on celeb kids and seen year after year on magazines’ Back to School lists. Kids like the colors and sweet polka dots. Hedgehog will be out next month and we are super excited for his arrival! Hedgehogs are the new Owl — you heard here first!!

RK: What is your favourite part about working with Raspberry Kids?

SH: We love working with retailers like Raspberry Kids. Their site is so cute, easy to shop and has a artful breadth of products for parents to shop from for multiple categories and ages.

RK: Last question, what exciting new things can we expect from Skip Hop in 2014?

SH: This is a very big year of innovation for Skip Hop. In the late fall, we are launching an all new product in an all new category. It’s really exciting and we can’t wait to share with Raspberry Kids customers. After 10 years, our classic duo diaper bag is getting an update to improve an already top-selling diaper bag. In time for Back to School, we are launching a whole new collection of zoo products. And those are just the highlights! Every Skip Hop products starts as an idea to help make it easier for parents to enjoy all the little moments. We have an uber talented design team that make that a reality.


Not-So Wordless Wednesday: Mom Cartoons

You can say that again! Happy hump day!



Not-So Wordless Wednesday: Book Igloo

How cool is this book igloo sculptural installation created by Colombian artist, Miller Lagos?  This self-supporting igloo was created by carefully stacking books into a dome shape. We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling inspired to attempt this with our own book collection!

via This is Colossal



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