C is for Cancer by Denise Barton

"C" is for Cancer, by Denise Barton $9.99 ALL proceeds Childrens' Cancer-related causes.

Raspberry Kids is very pleased to be selling Denise Barton’s book entitled “C” is for Cancer.

“C” is for Cancer is written from the perspective of Denise’s son, Kai who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on December 25th, 2007.

Kai is currently undergoing a maintenance phase of treatment and will continue this through 2011.

We were so grateful to have met Denise through her husband Sean who is a Raspberry Kids customer.  Sean had ordered one of our Quadrilla Twist and Rail sets and sent us an email to inquire when it might arrive because he had a 4 year old who was waiting at the door for it to be delivered.  How cute is that?  After responding to Sean, a dialogue ensued and we exchanged stories about how Cancer had personally touched each of our lives.  I cannot speak for Denise, Sean or Kai but I felt an instant connection with them.

Perhaps it was because my husband’s brother died of Leukemia when he was 20 and I regret that I never got a chance to meet Michael.  Maybe it is because their beautiful blue eyed, blond little boy who has the most incredible smile reminded me of our two year old son who is also blond, blue eyed and has what my mom used to call “a winning smile”.

Since RaspberryKids launched in November, one of the pieces I felt was lacking was a way to give back.  I knew I wanted to do something but nothing quite felt right, that is not until fate brought our families together.

I have made no promises to Denise that I can sell millions of her books (although that would be awesome!), rather I have committed to try to sell the books and ALL proceeds will go back to Denise, Sean and Kai to allocate as they see fit.  Denise and I have discussed some options such as having the money go toward buying toys for a special facility that allows immune compromised kids to play without fear or risk of catching colds or germs from toys that have been used by other kids.  Another idea was to use the money to help print and distribute more books, specifically into Children’s hospitals across Canada where other kids and families are asking the same questions as Kai such as “Why me?” and to help them cope with their situation with a bit of humor, an understanding of what the process is and most of all, with a lot of love and support.

If you would like to hear more about Kai, Denise and Sean’s story, these are two great articles they shared with me:

Global National Story:

Calgary Herald Story:


Here is one of my favorite excerpts from the book:
ometimes the Chemo makes my hair fall out.  I was worried at first, but now I know my hair always grows back.  My Daddy isn’t so lucky!

Thank you for reading about Kai and his family.  We would sincerely appreciate your support by purchasing one of Denise’s “C” is for Cancer books.

Here is wishing Kai, Denise and Sean many fresh, healthy and fun days in the months and years to come,

Sue Sinclair, Chief Executive Mom, Raspberry Kids
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