Supplier Spotlight: Wave Hello to Hello Hanna


RK: Please provide a brief bio on yourself and Hello Hanna. Pictures of your warehouse, or yourself or Hello Hanna related are welcome!

AS: Jina and I both started our careers as graphic designers and built careers in print, packaging & branding. We came together as design team while developing products for a children’s book publisher. Together we developed over 30 award winning titles – it was a blast. When our project was finished, we knew that we wanted to keep working together, so we developed & launched Hello Hanna. It’s been an exciting whirlwind ever since.

RK: What inspired you to start creating children’s products? What inspires you to continue leaping out of bed every morning and doing what you do?

AS: Both Jina & I started designing at very young ages. We get good laughs when one of us digs up an old childhood project. We have magazines that we traded with our childhood friends, photos of decorated doll houses, custom stationery, wall art, even logos. Our career paths were obvious from the beginning. Those memories are one of the reason we love doing children’s projects, it’s a thrill to see a child light up with creativity!

RK: Where does the name Hello Hanna originate?

AS: Hello Hanna was an inspiration from a correspondence Jina had going with her niece Hanna. We loved the name, and it felt fun, spirited, and friendly.

RK: Describe your company’s culture.  Wild?  Wacky?  Funkadelic?  Details please.

AS: Well, we’re a start-up so we’re a bit crazy! There is always something new to learn & ALWAYS too much to do, but we joke and laugh along the way, which makes all the hard work worth it.

RK: Which word(s) from our tagline best describes you?  Fresh? Healthy? or Fun?

AS: Fun! And a bit fresh (sassy that is).

RK: What is one things that most people don’t know about you?  Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone, other than our loyal blog readers!

AS: Along with developing our our line, we have clients too. We love helping people through the product development cycle. Our latest client, is due to launch in a few weeks, we love their line. If you have ideas, give us a ring!

RK: What is your favourite way to spend time with your little one(s)?

AS: Jina’s ‘little one’ is a 100lb, Akita. She knows just about every dog owner in San Francisco, can tell you where all the doggie hot spots are, as well as when all the dog socials are happening. Our Princess Daisy Paper Doll is a portrait of Jina & Bear (her dog). I have 3 young kids at home and I love long lazy days with them. Nothing beats getting away from a busy schedule to go for a walk, do some cooking, play pretend & wrestle.

RK: Just between you, us and the world wide web, can you tell us what exciting new products are in store in the near future at Hello Hanna?

AS: We have a fantastic product coming out… ‘Lunchbox Surprise’, but you’ll have to wait, it’s a surprise after all.

RK: Of all of the characters of your Hello Books, which do you see yourself most like?

AS: Jina is our monkey for sure, she’s a character. I might be our panda, a bit more quiet with big smiles.

RK: We know that you have worn a lot of hats in your career, which helped you most with creating Hello Hanna?

AS: If you want to do a design business, start with a strong foundation. Learn as much as you can, from the ground up. Every detail matters when you have a small business, so enjoy all the hats. My children are a constant reminder to me to always be curious, ask lots of questions & don’t feel badly about not knowing the answers – kids are so smart that way!



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